Product Info

Production Information:

Use: Car Straightener 12V (PTC Heating System)
Cord Length: 1.6m
Length: 23cm


6 month guarantee.
Safety precautions and directions for use are included In the owner’s Manuel.


Appliance will remain hot for period of time after use
Place the appliance on heating protector matt provided and allow cooling off period

We do not promote using this item while driving

This car appliance should not be used in or near water

Ensure that the appliance is switched off after use and stored in cool dry place

Sheer Straight does not assume responsibility for accidents caused by improper use

Package Includes:

1 Hair Straightener
1 Heating Pad
1 User Manual

Straightener consist of:

PYC Heating Element

Car Plug

On-Off Switch

Ultra slim, non-slip and easy to hold design

Long working life and stable performance

With Sheer Straight Car Straightener you are now able to straighten, wave as well as curl your hair on the go


Sheer straight mobile straightener



Working temperature:

150 - 180 Degrees

Rapid Heating:

2 – 3 minutes

Universal Voltage:


Rated Power:


Simple on-off switch for easy operation

This Luxury car straightener can be used on all types and textures of hair